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PPL Prep Course

Highly comprehensive preparation course that ensures you understand key concepts for the private pilot written exam.


  • Accurate Exposure
  • Focused study
  • Created by experienced instructors
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CPL Prep Course

Building on the principles from the Private Pilot License, the CPL prep course will get you ready for your written exam.


  • Efficient use of time
  • Every topic covered
  • Real world applications

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IFR Prep Course

Effective and accurate exposure to the instrument rating exam. All key concepts and subject matter are covered to ensure you are comfortable with the complex world of IFR flying.


  • Practical exposure to IFR operations
  • Quickly absorb complex regulations
  • Built by industry professionals
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ATPL Prep Course

Built by professional airline pilots who have flown with multiple airlines world wide. This preparation course combines theory with real world application to ensure you are more than ready for your written exams.


  • Practical exposure
  • Appropriate examples
  • Created by active airline pilots
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Class 4 Instructor Prep Course

Designed with meticulous detail and practicality to enable you to pass your exam and fulfill your role as a flight instructor with as many tools as possible.


  • Detailed exposure to learning factors
  • Thorough review of licensing requirements
  • In-depth review of aerodynamics
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Class 1 and 2 Instructor Prep Course

Built with years of experience from flight instructors and chief flight instructors who have run safe and successful flight training units.


  • Detailed review of learning factors
  • Flight school operations
  • Proactive instruction

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Drone Prep Course

Covers all of the essential knowledge requirements for remotely piloted aircraft systems.


  • Complex rules and regulations made easy
  • Basic operations
  • Advanced operations
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