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Over 500+ practice questions per course!

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot Preparation Course

  Essentials for the aspiring pilot

  FLT (Flight Level Training) has designed a PPL prep course that is simple in design yet highly effective to pass your PPL exam

  Over 1000+ practice exam questions

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IFR Preparation Course

  Providing greater depth to the complex rules, regulations and procedures associated with flying under instrument flight conditions.

  This course is highly comprehensive that will challenge you to think beyond what you already know and prepare you to be successful in your future IFR endeavors.

  Over 600+ practice exam questions

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Online Ground School for Pilots

   No previous experience required

There are no prerequisite for any of our practice exams. We’ll start at the beginning and get you up to speed. Even the most difficult questions will become easy.

  Similar testing standard used in government regulated exams

Perfect practice makes perfect! Our clients are happy with our service because we take out the guess work in what you can expect.

   Study on your own time and schedule

24/7 – 365. Whatever your schedule demands you can choose when, where and how you study.

  Practical example questions to build on theoretical concepts

Built and designed with the input of professional pilots, FLT has designed questions that combine theory with practical applications.

  Practice questions designed to emulate the real thing

The questions have been designed to expose you to what you will see when you take your actual exam.

  Industry standard LMS software

Our Learning Management Software is used industry wide. The style of questions and delivery method is used by companies and airlines around the world!

  No additional materials required

Cross country planning practice has never been easier with 8 regions across Canada to choose from you use your own map for planning!

  Similar testing standard used across airlines around the world

FLT exposes you to the same caliber of tests and material that you will be expected to know at the majors.

     Systematic and strategic approach to guarantee success

    Each topic is broken down by section. All areas are covered individually and conclude with a final exam. Upon completion you will feel ready to write your exam.

      We guarantee your success

    Our comprehensive preparation courses have every aspect of your exam covered. Our delivery method is direct and to the point. Upon fully completing the course you will be well prepared to pass!

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