The Advantage of FLT’s Preparation Courses for Future and Current Pilots

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The Advantage of FLT's Preparation Courses For Future and Current Pilots

Preparation is a crucial skill to have as a pilot. Being prepared allows you to take control of your situation and circumstance in order to enable yourself to be successful. Flight Level Training’s preparation courses have been designed by professional pilots who are active within the aviation industry.

How does FLT get you ready?

We draw on our experience but thrive on innovation. We have created courses that cut through the plethora of information and expose you to the required and necessary information you will need in order to get the results you want.

Your Time Is Valuable

We know your time is valuable, our prep courses are designed to allow you to work smarter and faster as you absorb the knowledge you require to ace your test.

How Did FLT Design The Courses?

Theoretical concepts combined with real world experience. Our courseware developers have utilized their thousands of hours of flying experience and put that into the need to know information contained in these courses. The delivery method is direct through appropriately phrased questions that will have you ready to pass your exam.

Top Reasons Why Clients Choose Flight Level Training

Efficient use of time – Not having enough time to study absolutely everything can be overwhelming to the best of us. People choose FLT because they get what they need FAST

Value – Flight Level Training offers a highly comprehensive preparation courses at a competitive price that gives you maximum value for your money.

Too much to memorize – How do I know where to focus my attention and on what is applicable? Flight Level Training takes out the guess work, upon completion of our courses you will be confident with the knowledge you have to be successful.