Choosing To Become a Professional Pilot

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Choosing To Become a Professional Pilot

Before You Take Your First Flight

Your interest has been peaked and you have started to notice or have always been drawn skyward. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or what plans you have made, the thought of piloting an aircraft always seems to be better than anything else.

If this statement reflects you at all than you definitely have the gene that is ever so important in becoming a professional pilot.

Required Certifications

“If it was easy and cheap everyone would do it”

In order to be employed as a pilot or “fly for hire” as the industry calls it, you will need a commercial pilots license. This takes approximately 200 flight hours to obtain and requires you to pass a series of written exams and practical flight tests. In addition to this license you will also need to obtain some crucial ratings that accompany your license and put you in the qualifications category for obtaining a pilot job.

The qualifications include and are not limited to
Private pilots license
Commercial pilots license
Night Rating
Multi Engine rating
Instrument Rating (group 1)

Once you have completed these licenses and ratings you will meet the basic certification requirements for an entry-level pilot job.

Where Do I Get My Certification?

There are many flight schools through out Canada and the United States. Some are very intense that demand a lot from their students and in return offer promises of guaranteed interviews and jobs at the end of their programs. Others offer the flexibility and laid back atmosphere that can appeal to a wider range of clientele. Just remember if you are looking to obtain a pilot job you will need to ensure the school you are choosing offers you the ability to obtain your private, and commercial pilots license. The multi engine instrument rating as previously stated is extremely important to be a professional pilot. Not every government subsidized flight school offers this. However they will give you the ground work to obtain the certification, and put you in contact with places that are able to offer it. If you choose to go this route it can give you an edge over a longer college program that does give you the multi ifr. The edge being time. If you are able to get your commercial pilots license first and start job hunting and making contacts you will inevitably be in a position to be offered a job sooner than if you were to stay in a program for an additional few years. Only you can weigh out the pros and cons of each option. No one else but yourself can choose the right path.

Selecting The Flight School For You

Once you have done the research and understand what you will need to do in order to get to where you want to go, choosing the flight school to aid you in your initial training is extremely important. If you decide going to a government subsidized program that has you graduate with all of your licenses and a degree is ultimately what will make you feel most happy and well prepared, the best advice is go for it and listen to your gut instincts on that. Just remember that at times the program may seem to take a while and all you might want to do is get flying, you will still have to go through the steps in order to get where you ultimately want to be. If flying right away is most important, selecting a school that caters to that will probably make you most happy and get you into the job market sooner rather than later.

Just remember the schools that offer guaranteed job interviews and jobs at the end of the program can be quite competitive to get into and once in even more competitive to obtain that crucial interview for the job. FLT can help with that. You can look at our interview prep courses online or email us regarding an interview consultation where we will work with you and help give you the edge that separates you from the rest.

Entering The Business

Once you have graduated and have obtained all of your crucial licenses the job hunt is on. While at times it can appear to be an enormous task to over come, always remember where there is a will there is a way.

Never give up on the end goal. If that is flying as a captain on a B777 or A380, don’t let go of it. Hold on to that vision and push for it. You would be surprised how far perseverance and determination can get you in the business of aviation.

If at any point you are at a place where you need guidance or a place to ask an honest confidential question FLT is there to help. The road to your dream job can appear ambiguous and fraught with dead ends. And for the first time ever in aviation, you now have a place that can help with the process.