Choosing a Flight School

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Choosing a Flight School

If you want to turn hard earned money into a multi-million-dollar career as an airline captain it will take a lot of planning, preparation, and proper execution. It all starts with the place you decide to get your foundation from.

Have you ever asked yourself why people like buying name brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, Versace, or Armani? What about cars? Why are Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes – Benz and BMW associated with success? And why are degrees from Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and any other Ivy League schools so coveted?

The answer has to do with what they represent. They all represent quality. And when something is of quality it has a higher value. The goal is to select the school that fits best with the type of person that you are but also says something about you before a potential employer even knows you.

It is vitally important that you understand what you are getting for your money. If you are going to a local flying club to obtain all of your licenses and ratings the chance of you completing it all within a year is very likely. With that being said, most major airlines and pilot jobs that pay larger salaries and offer better working conditions and benefits want more than a pilot with a license. They also want them to have either a degree or diploma that shows that they know more than just the airplane.

If you currently hold a degree or are about to complete one, going through a local flying club may be the better option for you because of how much faster you will be able to obtain your certifications.

If you are just completing high school and know that a future in the airlines is what you are after, a college or university program is probably the path that will lead to the greatest chance for success.

Things to Consider:

Cost of the program?


Licenses and Ratings offered?

How unique is the program?

What is the success rate for completion?

Does the institute help with job placement?

Do they have contacts for the industry?

Where are past graduates now?

New Equipment?

How diversified are the subjects?

Instructor to student ratio?

How long has the school been around?

What type of weather will I be exposed to?

Will this place get me ready for my career?

How important is all of this?

If you want a rewarding career as a pilot both professionally and financially it is very important that you take the time to sort out the list of questions as indicated above. Your flying career will be built upon and demand a lot from your foundation. And your foundation is built upon solid basics. If you choose the right flight school you will notice on day one that your thinking will start to change. You will start to think and act more methodically. You will approach situations from an objective and analytical point of view much more than just emotional. If you choose the right place to start you will look back after a few years and smile knowing that it all paid off because you put the time and effort in when it was most important.