The First Flying Job

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 The first flying job is often the toughest one to get. You have low flight time, not a lot of experience and a job market that is highly competitive. There are two factors that determine how easy or how hard getting your first flying job will be for you. First, what job are you trying to get? Are you after … Read More

The Airline Pilot

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If the thought of making over $200,000.00 dollars a year, working the equivalent of only half of the year, and seeing the world in the process intrigues you. Then you would definitely be happy as an airline pilot. The brief description that you just read does apply when flying for a major airline. But the word “major” is now relative … Read More

Flying Corporate

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The view is simple. If you enjoy flying an aircraft that is exotic, flies to destinations that demand professionalism, and interaction with individuals who are as driven as you are, then being a corporate pilot may be the path to your success. When most people first say they want to be a pilot, 1 of 2 thoughts generally go through … Read More

Choosing To Become a Professional Pilot

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Your interest has been peaked and you have started to notice or have always been drawn skyward. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or what plans you have made, the thought of piloting an aircraft always seems to be better than anything else. If this statement reflects you at all than you definitely have the gene that is ever … Read More