Class 4 Instructor Rating Preparation Course


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Who Needs This Class 4 Instructor Rating Prep Course?

Any professional pilot who is pursuing or hoping to pursue their class 4 instructor rating will greatly benefit from taking this preparation course.

This course covers in great detail the various elements that will be covered on your written exam, a thorough review of private pilot and commercial pilot theory and practical material. A review of all of the licensing standards and requirements that you will be expected to know for fulfilling the responsibilities associated with a class 4 instructor rating.

If you are looking to ensure your success in pursuing your class 4 instructor rating you will be very happy that you chose to take this preparation course provided by Flight Level Training.

Topics Covered

  • Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Theory Of Flight
  • Airframes
  • Engines
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Radio and Electronic Theory
  • Navigation
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Human Factors
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Learning Factors
  • Instructor Techniques
  • Scenario Based Learning
  • Final Exam Practice